Let’s create a world of dignity and purpose, together.

In our social enterprise kitchen, volunteers expand our capacity to teach, reach, and grow the women employed through our Restorative Employment Model. 

  • How do I know if I would be a good fit? Our volunteers are highly relational. They’re good listeners, they value consistency and trust, and they practice healthy boundaries. Most importantly, they live our values on both sides of the register: respect, positivity, engagement, and teamwork. 

  • What would I be doing as a volunteer? You would work one-on-one with our kitchen staff, building healthy relationships through trust and engagement. Practically speaking, you would work directly with an employee to accomplish their daily task list, which could range from baking brownies to sweeping to assembling sandwiches.

  • Do I need restaurant experience? Nope, but that’s a bonus!

  • Do I have to dress a certain way for kitchen safety? You do, and we’ll send you more info after you sign up.

Email Programs Director Sara Acosta to learn more about volunteering with us.