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catering menu

We are not currently accepting catering orders for events after 3pm


Sausage + Roasted Pepper

$18 whole quiche, serves up to 8 people

house seasoned sausage + roasted red peppers + caramelized onion jam + shredded cheddar-jack + house sweet chili drizzle


Greek Goddess

$18 whole quiche, serves up to 8 people

spinach + creamy seasoned feta

The Squash Nosh

$18 whole quiche, serves up to 8 people

roasted butternut squash + blue cheese crumble + chopped bacon + creamy blue cheese drizzle


Fresh Fruit Tray


Seasonal fresh melon + berries + pineapple



Selections available in platters or individually. Ask for seasonal features!


classic caesar salad

$8 (with chicken $10), $3/person in platter

Chopped romaine, parmesan cheese, house croutons, house caesar dressing


Chef Salad

$11, $4/person in platter

chopped turkey + bacon + sliced apples + crumbled cheddar + hard boiled egg + house honey mustard dressing


Greek Salad

$9 (with chicken $11), $3/person in platter

Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, house marinated olives, feta, a pepperoncini, house balsamic dressing


Garden Salad

$9, $3/person in platter

mixed green + red cabbage + shredded carrots + sliced cucumbers + grape tomatoes + house croutons + house made ranch/balsamic dressing


Kale Salad

$8 (with chicken $10), $3/person in platter

Chopped kale, house made tahini, shredded carrots, purple cabbage, chickpeas

Cold Sandwiches

Selections available in platters or individually. All include one cookie and one side.


Turkey with Honey Mustard


roasted turkey + white cheddar + house honey mustard + lettuce + tomato on whole grain Texas three seed bread 


Buffalo Chicken Salad


tender, sliced chicken breast grilled in-house + homemade hot sauce + melty mozzarella on whole grain Texas three seed bread 


Ham + Gruyere + Bistro Dijon


shaved ham + house bistro sauce + lettuce +tomato on Vienna white


Hummus + Veggie


house made hummus + romaine + purple cabbage + shredded carrots + diced tomatoes + feta cheese + fresh avocado 


Roast Beef + Horseradish Mayo


tender sliced roast beef + house horsey mayo + lettuce + tomato + white cheddar on Vienna white


Tuna Salad


house dill pickles + Gruyere + white cheddar on whole grain Texas three-seed bread 


Chicken Salad


tender, sliced chicken breast grilled in-house + mayo +  sour cream + green onion + spices on whole grain Texas three-seed bread 


Hot Sandwiches + Wraps

Selections available in platters or individually. All include one cookie and one side.


Tuna Melt


house dill pickles + gruyere + white cheddar


BBQ Meatloaf Sammich


house meatloaf layered with Carroll’s bbq sauce + provolone + sriracha mayo


Ham + Cheese


bistro sauce + provolone + gruyere + red pepper jelly


Turkey Brie


melty brie cheese + crispy bacon + house honey-maple mayo + caramelized onion jam


Chicken Pesto Wrap


grilled and sliced chicken breast + house walnut pesto + tomatoes + fresh mozzarella


Buffalo Chicken Wrap


grilled and sliced chicken breast + house buffalo sauce + fresh mozzarella (ranch or blue cheese dressing on the side)


Farmhouse Grilled Cheese


roasted butternut squash + smoked gouda + farmer's cheese + sliced apples



Each sandwich comes with a cookie and side of your choice.


House Applesauce

house made cinnamon applesauce


Pesto Pasta Salad

house made walnut pesto + sun-dried tomatoes + green onion + parmesan


Texas Caviar

southern style bean salad with black eyed peas + red onion + roasted corn + jalapeño + cilantro



sea salt, salt and vinegar, bbq, or jalapeño





Roasted Chicken Breasts + Thighs


with lemon and fresh herbs


Slow Roasted Pork Loin


featuring house mustard butter


Almond Crusted Fish


seasonal white fish featuring brown butter




turkey brie, ham and cheese, or roasted veggie


Pasta with Marinara  

meat sauce: $8/person regular sauce: $6/person

noodles with house made marinara sauce


Side dishes


Seasonal Roasted Vegetables


a medley of seasonal roast veggies


Fresh Green Beans


with brown butter and toasted almonds


Fresh Carrots


maple glazed


Mashed Potatoes


house made creamy potatoes


Roasted Potatoes


rustic chopped potatoes with fresh herbs


Rice Pilaf


wild rice with coconut milk and herbs


Creamy Polenta


polenta with cream


Macaroni + Cheese


house cheddar sauce with cavatappi noodles



Fresh Brewed Tea


available unsweet or sweetened

Fresh Brewed Raleigh Coffee Co

$20/suggested to serve 10

served with creamer, sugar, and cups

Bottled Beverage Options

Ask for bottled beverage options.


Banana Pudding


wafers with vanilla pudding + fresh sliced bananas


Chocolate Chip Cookie

$2/cookie or $22/dozen

classic cookie, Carroll’s way

Berries + Cream


fresh sugared berries + house made whipped cream


Oatmeal Cookie

$2/cookie or $22/dozen

cranberry + white chocolate chips

Fruit Tray


seasonal fresh melon + berries + pineapple


Brown Butter Rice Krispy

$2.50/individual or $28/dozen

traditional krispy, twice as good



$2.50/each or $28/dozen

fudgey and delicious


Assorted Dessert Tray


an assortment of chocolate chip cookies + oatmeal cookies + house made brown butter rice krispy treats + house made brownies


Salted Caramel Brownie

$2.75/each or $31/dozen

fudgey and delicious with house caramel


Iced Sugar Cookies

$3/each or $34/dozen

homemade 3 inch sugar cookie featuring our house made royal icing


A Southern yeast roll filled with your favorite sweet and savory flavors. All flavors are $3/each or $33/dozen


Everything Bagel

cream cheese + green onion + house seasonings


Bacon + Egg + Cheese

classic cheesy scrambled eggs + crispy bacon


Pepperoni Pizza Supreme

melty mozzarella + chopped pepperoni + peppers + onions + tomato sauce



seasoned ground beef + melty cheese + sriracha mayo drizzle


Spinach + Feta

creamy spinach + feta crumbles + tomato + pine nuts


Wild Mushroom

wild mushroom + house creme fraiche + winter herbs


Cream Cheese Crumble

sweet cream cheese + butter crumble


Coconut Cream

house made pie filling + toasted coconut


Apple Pie

warm apples + cinnamon + winter spices


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We are not currently accepting catering orders for events after 3pm


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