We're Turning One!

And we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to empower the women on our job training team with items we use day in an day out to be #morethanjustameal. Donations will be made through the National Christian Foundation.

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Cut Gloves - $10 Donation

Safety first! Cut gloves keep our fingers and hands safe while we chop and slice throughout the day. 

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Uniform Shirt - $20 Donation

We just can't get enough begonia around here. Our uniform shorts promote professionalism and team unity as we work together day in and day out. 

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Chef Pants - $30 Donation

Chef pants are a staple of the culinary professional's wardrobe. They promote professionalism and team unity, especially when you find yourself on the evening news! 


Nonslip Shoes - $40 Donation

Safety first! Through prep, dishwashing, and clean up, our non-slip shoes keep us upright and on the go during a busy day. 



Monthly Bus Pass - $45 Donation

Transportation is essential to finding and keeping a job. We use monthly bus passes to make sure we can arrive to work on time and make our way home at the end of the day.  


Food Storage Container Restock - $75 Donation

A year of daily food prep and storage has worn out our graded containers. Help us restock so we can stay organized and efficient!


Complete Uniform Set - $150 Donation

Three uniform shirts and three pairs of chef pants for the budding Carroll's Kitchen professional!


ServSafe Class + Exam - $175 Donation

Yummy food and food safety go hand in hand. The ServSafe class and exam makes sure we receive the best training available on safe food handling. 


One Month of Rent - $400 Donation

Through a partnership with Families Together, we offer the women on our job training team a safe and dignified place to call home while they make big steps towards leaving homelessness.