Our model is built to be self-sustaining, but we need investors/donors who want to make an impact in our city and help us get off the ground in our first year. As the business grows, the restaurant revenue will cover the costs of our job-training program, so your dollars today will continue to have an impact in the lives of women leaving homelessness for years to come!

Get involved...

The most powerful way to get involved with the women in our program is to come enjoy the food that they are pouring their hearts into every day. What an empowering message that sends. One that says "we support you, we believe in you, you are worth it!"

But our vision extends beyond ending homelessness for women in Raleigh by providing opportunity and job training in the restaurant. We also want to inspire everyone in our community, including you, to join us in making a difference. More than money, the most important thing for us is that you to do something #good4raleigh. If you're looking for ideas, check out our Partner page.


Carroll’s Kitchen is a nonprofit corporation in the State of North Carolina, and we are an official 501(c)(3) organization according to the IRS. Donations are tax exempt. For more information, please contact donations@carrollskitchen.org.