Chef Ryan Piper

Chef Ryan Piper

Chef Ryan joined our team this winter and we've loved every minute - and every bite - since! Keep reading to learn more about the proud dad and New Hampshire native, or better yet, come by the restaurant to enjoy the food he's passionately created.

Lifelong Learning // I worked my way up through working hard and trying to get the chef to notice my dedication. The majority of the chefs I worked for traded their knowledge for my free time. I found that most chefs really wanted young people with a thirst to learn, instead of cooks who were stubborn and only wanted a paycheck. So I did everything I could to stand out and let them beat me with knowledge. Sometimes that meant working 80 hours a week all summer long, and accepting that half of those hours would be voluntary. Through the years, however, I have learned that a chef never stops learning. There is always something to perfect, a new technique to develop, or a personal skill to pursue. The only difference is that chefs need to finds ways to motivate themselves and not get left behind. Food evolves every day, and so we must as well.

"Food evolves every day, and so we must as well."

Professional Path // It feels like I’ve worked in restaurants my entire life, but I think I made the conscious decision to pursue a career as a chef in New Hampshire. At the time, it was just a personal outlet for me. I was allowed, even encouraged, to let my perfectionist nature shine. Even when I contained the least amount of knowledge in a kitchen, I worked hard to ensure that I was learning at a high rate so I could stay competitive with my peers. This eventually developed into a passion when I learned that food had a strong effect on a person’s mood, and you could even recollect memories that are tied to certain flavors and smells.

The Dream Team // I am inspired by the incredible staff that I work with. The ladies at Carroll's Kitchen have endured a lot in their lives and I don’t often see people, with less struggles, matching the drive and desires that these people do, it’s really incredible. I only hope that I can instill my culinary and work-related knowledge to give them a platform to continue to push themselves and reach their personal/professional goals.

"I am inspired by the incredible staff that I work with."

Menu Must Have // I enjoy the kolache. It’s a simple concept that has unlimited possibilities, and it’s something I don’t think you can get anywhere else in Raleigh.

Quote Inspiration // per aspera ad astra, Latin for ‘through hardships to the stars’. Don’t let anything hold you back. Everyone who has tasted success has been in your shoes, you can do it.

Free Style // In my free time I do family things, all the time. My wife and I are currently trying to introduce our amazing one-year-old daughter to the activities we enjoyed before her birth, such as hiking, boating, and fishing. Every minute I'm not working is spent entirely on them, or food research. Sometimes both at the same time.