Team Carroll's Kitchen // Photo by Wells Thompson

Team Carroll's Kitchen // Photo by Wells Thompson

Sometimes you need someone to love you until you can figure out how to love yourself.

It’s a wall we all hit at some point. Disappointment, grief, failure - or any combination thereof - paralyzes us.

“Can I do this?”

“Is it worth it?”

“Am I worth it?”

Then that extraordinary person steps in. Maybe for you it was the fellow coffee-loving friend you met when you moved into town. Or the woman you make small talk with on the bus every morning. Or the coworker who gets you. That one relationship blossomed into just what you needed at just the right time.

That extraordinary person listened to you. Showed up for you. Empowered you - to decide for yourself to move through and beyond your fear and embrace that big change. (Change is no joke y’all.)

We want to be that extraordinary influence for the women in our job training and life skills program. And we also recognize that Carroll’s Kitchen is the collective work of oh so many extraordinary people who stepped in and said, “We support you. We believe in you. You are worth it!”

And on the harder days, like when the huge, glistening deli case arrives and doesn’t fit through the front door, we think back on everyone who has loved Carroll’s Kitchen through this giant leap of faith. This giant change. And we disassemble the door frame and crack some tile and roll up our sleeves and get it done. Because they are worth it.

Supporters of every kind have nudged us along and believed in us, even before we had a space.

So today we are uniquely proud and humbled to announce another group of people who believe in Carroll’s Kitchen, empowering us to do good in Raleigh through fresh and local food. Square 1 Bank has donated $50,000 to Carroll’s Kitchen, and honestly we kind of don’t know what to say. Except thank you.

We’re proud that Square 1 sees so much hope in Carroll’s Kitchen, the kind of hope we share with and for our community. And humbled that anyone would invest so much in such a new venture.

Thanks for believing in us.

That pride and empowerment we feel through such a generous gift is the same pride and empowerment we hope the women in our program will feel through you—our customers and supporters—when you come buy the food that they are pouring their heart and soul into.

We can’t think of a more empowering message, a message that says “We support you. We believe in you. You are worth it!”

See you at 19 East Martin.

- Team CK