We have big dreams for Raleigh—dreams to end homelessness and dreams to inspire our city. And like most dreams, they start to become reality through small decisions.

The decision to care. The decision to learn. The decision to bring people together. The decision to create opportunities.

We’re inviting you to be part of creating opportunities as well. When you enjoy a meal at Carroll’s Kitchen, you create an opportunity for us to provide job training for women transitioning from homelessness.

Because we’re more than just a meal. You’re creating opportunity for us, we’re creating opportunity for the women in our job-training program, and they’re creating opportunity for all of us to be inspired to create opportunities for others.

Just like Carroll’s Kitchen is the result of many small decisions that have amounted to something bigger than ourselves, as a person with purpose and inherent worth, your decisions matter, too.

What decisions can you make this week to do good in the community?

Donate to a cause, share a meal with your neighbor, mentor a child, thank a nurse. Need ideas? Sign up with Activate Good or check out our Partners page.

Carroll’s Kitchen is more than just a meal, and we hope you’ll be inspired to join us in doing something #good4raleigh.