You guessed it: housing.

Sort of. 

The latest Point In Time count totaled 818 people experiencing homelessness in Raleigh, but that was just the number of people the survey takers could find on that one very cold day in January. 

Nearly 300 of those people, some sheltered and some not - because you can be homeless and have shelter - are women. They are someone’s mother. Someone’s sister. Someone’s aunt. Someone’s wife. They are someone.

Each woman’s story is unique but every single one is heartbreaking because they all center around loss, and not just loss of four walls and a roof.

Loss of dignity, loss of self, loss of purpose. 

So what are we going to do about that? 

We’re partnering with local housing support organization Families Together to arrange safe and dignified housing for the women working in our restaurant.  

Together we’ll help a woman leaving homelessness put herself back together so she can put her life back together. We want her to do it for herself, but never by herself.

Housing - home - means the Carroll’s Kitchen women can return to the same, safe place each night to sleep in their own bed, use their own bathroom, put away their clean clothes, and …. well, think of the thousand small things you to do take care of yourself every day. Women experiencing homelessness can do nearly none (if any) of those things, but something as simple as stable housing can begin to change all that.

Safe and dignified housing will immediately change a crucial suffix - a woman who was homeless will become homeful. And those words are not ironically similar to hopeless and hopeful. But we know it’s much more than just grammar and spelling, and we’re ready.

Will you join us?