Before and after shots of our renovated space on Martin Street in downtown Raleigh.

As humans we transform constantly in search of the truest form of ourselves, sometimes in spite of tragic obstacles beyond our control.

When we began the renovation process at 19 East Martin Street, we had a vision for the restaurant that started with seeing beyond the space’s various functional and aesthetic needs.

We scrubbed and painted for a long while. We chose a particular counter top and specific flooring. A special ceiling fan and unique lighting. Details. Details. And more details.

We were picky about the aesthetic of Carroll’s Kitchen because it reflects how we feel about our customers and about our organization. And more importantly, it reflects how we value the women in our job training program.

Hospitality is a big deal to us - it’s all about understanding what a person needs in order to feel safe, valued, and heard. We want the women in our program to experience a space that fosters opportunities for them to discover a true - maybe even the truest - form of themselves. We pray that they feel safe, valued, and heard among our freshly painted walls and glistening counter tops.

But pink (or begonia or electric salmon depending on who you ask) paint only goes so far. Hospitality must lead our relationships as well. Do our conversations create opportunities for growth? Do our interactions create opportunities for common ground?

Sometimes our work is more questions than answers - and that’s okay, because at the end of the day we're committed to excellence in ourselves and in the food we serve in our community. 

Thanks for helping us create opportunities for women leaving homelessness. Let’s practice hospitality together and make it more than just a meal.